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Note that this code assumes there is a SQLConnection instance named conn that is already instantiated and is already connected to a database.

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  • Adobe AIR Developer’s Toolbox: Resources And Tutorials — Smashing Magazine.
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  • Adobe Flash Platform * Creating and modifying a database.

Mind the Flex: Updating an existing AIR database. Creating and modifying a database Adobe AIR 1.

Creating a database

Creating a database Creating database tables. SQLConnection; import flash. SQLErrorEvent; import flash. SQLEvent; import flash. File; var conn: OPEN, openHandler ; conn.

actionscript 3 - Connectng to remote database in Adobe AIR - Stack Overflow

WindowedApplication xmlns: File; private function init: Although the File class lets you point to a specific native file path, doing so can lead to applications that will not work across platforms. For example, the path C: For these reasons, it is best to use the static properties of the File class such as File. For more information, see Paths of File objects. SQLStatement; import flash. You'll have to read more on PHP and how to setup it as I can't fit all the details in this post.

In Flash You call service on server:. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Working with local SQL databases in AIR

My questions are Can I use sqlite as centralised database? How can I connect to the database located in server. Thanks in Advance. Siva Ganesh Siva Ganesh 25 2 I suggest you use a server side programming to access a remote database which I guess is located at the server, as it's more secure and generally a better way of doing things like this. Thanks for your reply. It doesn't depend really. You can use PHP,. NET or anything you're comfortable with. Then you can use HTTP requests to send the data to the server which will write that data in a database and give you a response.

Thank you Gio. I will try this and leave a comment.

How to create a window in an AIR application - tutorial

Can I achieve this with Actionscript3??? Currently I am using Actionscrip3 in Flashbuilder.

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Link But if you want to use it for writing as well as reading you'll have a lot of problems with concurrency and data usage, so using a SQLite database is not an option here. Link The correct way of doing this is having a backend server script or server program , which listens to your requests and acts according to them.

Creating and modifying a database

For example if you want to authenticate user you can send something like this to the server: URLVariables; import flash. URLRequest; import flash. URLLoader; import flash. IOErrorEvent; import flash. Event; import flash.

Uses for local SQL databases

POST; loader. In PHP you'd have something like this to handle the request: