Ironically, the overwhelming success of the Razr was probably the main cause of the downfall of Motorola. The first true Blackberry phone, which integrated a phone with fully functioning email, web browsing and the much loved Blackberry Messenger. It was the lightest and smallest GSM phone available at the time and featured the easy to use Nokia menu system.

The was the first to popularise the unmistakable small-candybar shape which was the work of British designer Alastair Curtis. The result was million sales worldwide. Within a year, the smaller was released. It was not a revolutionary update from its predecessor, but its compact design, four built-in games Pairs II, Space Impact, Bantumi, and Snake II and the fact it could support long SMS messages of up to characters made it a success.

And the best part of 20 years later, still inspires memes and favourable comparisons to fragile, modern-day smartphones. Featuring an updated design based on the original candy bar shape, the version 2. The Nokia gained a cult following thanks to its durability. Humorous videos and memes abound about the phone's legendary toughness of the In the wake of BlackBerry's success, physical keyboards were quite the thing in the early s.

The was notable with its unusual fold-out keyboard, with built-in email and support for Blackberry emails.

Every Nokia Phones History (1994 - 2019)

The early s were also a time of wild experimentation and Nokia seemed to aim at to release a phone to suit every taste. Arguably over substance. Take the roughly square , for instance.

Bye-bye Nokia! Here are 10 all-time favourite Nokia phones, we will always remember. #NokiaStory

Its shape meant it was difficult to hold in one hand. And because you had to hold it at an angle, it was hard to make calls too. Then came the that was essentially a keyboard-shaped phone. Nokia was aware that the shape was seen as unconventional, to say the least. The was one of the early experiments with keyboard layout. It was marketed as a high-end phone, but the rotary-styled keypad design made it hard to use for texting.

The Rise And Fall of Nokia in India

A relatively ordinary variant on the series, the had a system of LEDs on the sides that could be setup to flash in different colours. But the twist was that the camera could only be enabled by swivelling the bottom half. Probably the oddest of the lot, the had neither a touchscreen or a keypad. And if you wanted to send a text message, you had to scroll through each letter with a physical spin dial. It came with the longest list of features you could imagine at the time: It sold well, registering over 1 million sales in the UK alone.

The first mobile phone invented for practical use was by a Motorola employee called Martin Cooper who is widely considered to be a key player in the history of mobile phones. Cooper made mobile phone history in April when he made the first ever call on a handheld mobile phone. Modern-day smartphones are pretty unrecognisable from the analogue bricks we used to cart around.

Meanwhile their face-scanning technology enables you to unlock your device just by looking at it. Professional dual-lens cameras are now becoming standard on high-end smartphones while the handsets themselves are becoming ever more durable, with impressive waterproofing and tough Gorilla Glass screens. Read all about the future of mobile phones. As the weather heats up, we'll help you make sure your iPhone survives the summer.

Want an Apple phone? We'll help you get the best iPhone for you. Want an iPhone without paying a fortune? This might be the way to do it. History of mobile phones and the first mobile phone Last updated: Flexible cap on spending. See all Nokia deals. In fact, mobile phones as we know them today have only been around in the last 20 years. When were mobile phones invented? Landmarks in mobile history Mobile telephony has a long history that started off with experiments of communications from and to moving vehicle rather then handheld devices.

It had a total of subscribers between Stockholm and Gothenburg. Ericsson Landmark phones: The price? It was also the first phone to be openly marketed as a luxury item. The Hagenuk GlobalHandy This little known German-made and impractically minimal handset was the first phone that had no visible external antenna.

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Nokia Nokia Another first for the Finnish phone-maker, the was the first handset to feature a WAP browser. Nokia Communicator Nokia The first serious attempt at an internet-enabled mobile phone, the Communicator was ahead of its time. The battery lasted for days and it was light and truly pocketable at only g. It also introduced the Snake game, customisable ringtones and a silent 'vibrate' mode.

Nokia The Nokia was launched as a basic phone for developing-world countries back in Blackberry The first true Blackberry phone, which integrated a phone with fully functioning email, web browsing and the much loved Blackberry Messenger. A slice of glasnostalgia, starring Russia's modernising head of state. The Nokia ringtone stars in a rather odd Italian advert.

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  • All the mobile phones that mattered from the first Nokia handset right up to the iPhone 3G.

The original, frankly lovely, composition. Capitalising on a wave of nostalgia, in Nokia announced the release of an all-new A being used as a battering ram. Was this article helpful? Read next Which mobile phone to choose? Get the right phone at the right price.

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It was released three years later, in This phone holds the title of being the most-sold phone in the world to date - with a whopping million units. It had a smaller 4-line display when compared to the above, but had a more compact body too. The bundled Nokia BL-5C mAh battery had a really long quoted standby time of hours, nearly double to that of the While the Nokia was rocking the low-end of the market, the Nokia managed to capture the high-end audience share.

Selling almost million units to date, the still is among the Top 10 most sold phones in the world.

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  8. The marketing of this phone spoke to professionals who wanted a capable smartphone. Its specs may sound puny today, but it was flagship-grade in With the you could install Symbian and Java compatible applications, with built in capabilities for browsing the Web or checking mails. At the back, you had a 0. Also worth mentioning is that you could transfer all kinds of files over Bluetooth, which was essential considering there was no app store, or ubiquitous high-speed Internet connectivity in India at the time. The s was the decade of categorisation in mobile phones - you had business phones, music phones, camera phones, and so on.

    The Nokia and fell in the pro-music category that rose to popularity with 30 million units of the duo sold to date. Both phones were released together, and had only small differences. The and were sliders, revealing the numeric keypad with a quick push of the thumb. This enabled manufacturers to accommodate bigger displays without increasing the size of the phone. You could also do cool things such as answering a phone by just sliding the phone open. It's also probably relevant to mention this today, but the Nokia and are from an era when there were no 3.

    #NokiaStory: 10 Nokia phones India will always remember | Technology News, The Indian Express

    Full circle , huh? A highlight feature was a sufficiently large mAh battery that ensured the phone ran for an entire day with heavy use. The only downside with the Nokia E71 was the lack of a 3. Of course, apart from these five, Nokia had some other pretty unforgettable phones too, such as the Nokia music phone which brought in a unique design, which would later be used for the gaming-focused N-Gage as well.

    And who can forget the Nokia Communicator - a big and bulky phone that was a smartphone before that word existed. And with this, we end this walk down the hall of fame. Tell us which Nokia phone impacted your life, and how? Share it with us via the comments section below. For the latest tech news and reviews , follow Gadgets on Twitter , Facebook , and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

    Nokia Launch: Rohan Naravane , 14 February